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As South America’s second smallest country, Uruguay is still fairly undiscovered and is often mistakingly overlooked by tourists visiting the continent, It's a delightfully low-key, hospitable country that tries to keep secret of its 650km of beautiful pristine coastline and hidden lagoons with white sandy beaches. If you travel along the coast here you can discover a whole myriad of pretty towns and cities. The three most popular are: the culturally vibrant capital Montevideo, the picturesque 17th-century port of Colonia, and the trendy coastal resort of Punta del Este.

For visitors more interested in nature, head inland to Uruguay's unspoiled interior. Here you can explore an amazing variety of lakes and wetlands, home to an enormous diversity of birds and wildlife that live in harmony with the cattle, sheep and horses of the vast pampas. If you head north west you find Salto with its hot springs, or you may wish to spend a night or two on an estancia (cattle ranch) amidst the wide-open grandeur of the gaucho country. You'll find lush forests, tropical savannahs and a host of ecosystems that are mainly concentrated in the "Banados del Este" area - a UNESCO site and Biosphere Reserve.

Due to Uruguay's strategic location on the north shores of the Río de la Plata, Uruguay’s history and territory has always been a hotly contested affair. Firstly being disputed between early European settlers, initially the Spanish and Portugese and then later by the emerging regional powers of Argentina and Brazil. This has only served to enrich the culture and character of the place, forging a very cosmopolitan society and a cultural identity different from most of the other Latin American countries.

Nowadays, the country boasts one of the highest literacy rates on the continent at 97% and enjoys a very high standard of living. Uruguayans are a very attractive people with warm hearts and an inherent sense of sharing. And they LOVE to party. Uruguay is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Uruguay is definitely worth discovering!

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