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Rural Tourism

Covering one third of the total surface of Argentina, the Pampas are the vast open plains that extend westwards across central Argentina from the Atlantic Coast to the Andean foothills. An area that boasts some of the best agricultural and livestock farming in the world. It is also the land of the gauchos – the traditional Argentine country men, that are normally spotted on horseback sporting a large floppy beret on their head (a boina) and dressed in a woolen poncho and pair of long baggy pleated trousers (bombachas). They spend most of their days herding cattle, or tending to their farmland and have become an important symbol of Argentine heritage.

Heading out into the countryside of the Pampas you will discover a number of large rural estates where the gauchos live or work, known as Estancias. Spending a day or two at one of these typical Argentinean ranches is a really unique and enriching experience, it's one of the best ways to immerse yourself into Argentine culture and learn more about our traditions. These family homes are usually of either a Creole or European style and are most famous for their hospitality, and for making guests feel at home. They involve you in their daily activities, like working with the cattle, or letting you taste their traditional cooking and sharing a “mate” with you. Mate is a green tea-like beverage mainly consumed in a gourd and drank through a silver straw (bombilla). It is extremely popular in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the south of Brazil.

Endless horizons, amazing sunsets, relaxing rides on horseback, nights that are made for dreams!!

The Pampa is a place you will never want to leave...


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